spicy Hot & Spicy
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Served w. White Rice
CK1. Chicken with Broccoli 12.70
CK2. Chicken with Mixed Vegetables 12.70
CK3. Moo Goo Gai Pan 12.70
CK4. Chicken with Snow Peas 12.70
CK5. Chicken with Almond 12.70
CK6. Sweet & Sour Chicken 12.70
CK7. Chicken with Cashew Nuts 12.70
spicy CK8. Kung Po Chicken 12.70
spicy CK9. Chicken with Garlic Sauce 12.70
spicy CK10. Chicken with Curry Sauce 12.70
spicy CK11. Chicken with Black Bean Sauce 12.70
spicy CK12. Sha Cha Chicken 12.70
spicy CK13. Hunan Chicken 12.70
spicy CK14. Ma-La Chicken 12.70
CK15. Ginger Chicken with String Bean 12.70
spicy CK16. Empress Chicken 12.70
CK17. Moo Shu Chicken (with 4 Pancakes) 12.70
spicy CK18. Chicken with Eggplant in Garlic Sauce 12.70